We will utilize Concrete Home Forms for Rapid Construction

With today’s emphasis on Green Building, Precise Form’s building techniques for concrete homes are the answer for meeting current and future energy requirements. Fuel savings are created though the huge retention of energy stored in the thermal mass of the concrete home. You can also expect reductions of air infiltration and external noise inside concrete houses.

Versatility and Durability

Precise’s versatile concrete forms can be utilized for single family concrete homes, multi-family concrete homes, multi-story concrete homes, earth shelter concrete homes, as well as commercial and precast projects which translates into lower construction cost and labor.

The concrete house forms allow you to produce concrete homes that will be durable and strong allowing, in most cases, a reduction in insurance costs. Concrete homes are resistant to a variety of natural disasters including high wind loads, earthquakes, fires, rotting, and insect destruction. Concrete homes are the preferred building style of many builders in hurricane areas with thousands of homes built in the state of Florida alone.

Concrete homes have been proven to be effective in high fire risk areas as well.

Fast and Affordable Concrete House Construction

The Precise Concrete Home Forming System is simple to operate, requires few tools, and little training. Precise aluminum forms are the key to fast, low-cost concrete home construction because they require far less labor than conventional wood frame construction. Using the 3’ wide, lightweight Precise forming system a small crew can form and monolithically pour an entire building level in just days. When the forms are stripped the exterior walls are complete and ready for any treatment.

Since the entire structure is closed in and protected from the weather, interior finishing moves ahead rapidly without costly delays because of weather conditions. Plumbing and electrical can be placed into the wall of the concrete home before pouring preventing the need of additional framing on the interior of the home.